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Abdominoplasty: Before and After

Abdominoplasty before and after the surgery

Is abdominoplasty the perfect solution for you? What does a newly designed navel look like? Where is the scar on the hip located exactly – can you hide it under a bikini slip?

You certainly have many questions about the possible aesthetic results of a tummy tuck and therefore would like to see pictures of other patients. Unfortunately, it is not possible to show before-after comparison of an aesthetic surgery on the Internet.

Why are before and after pictures in relation to liposuction prohibited?

§ 11 I 3 of the German Medical Products Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz, HWG) bans displaying “before and after” pictures in relation to cosmetic surgery. The rationale of this ban is: Patients should not decide rashly about undergoing cosmetic surgery.

This is also our concern. Therefore, we invite you to arrange a free consultation at our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic. Our specialists in surgery and plastic surgery will inform you about the tummy tuck, talk to you about your aesthetic desires and tell you whether a tummy tuck would be the right choice in your case.

What our patients say after a tummy tuck

You would like to know which experiences other patients have made who had a tummy tuck at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic? Therefore we present here the extracts from patients after their plastic surgery:

"Dear proaesthetic team:

Having crept out of your clinic in a somewhat “bent” posture, now I would like to thank you once more officially: My scar is still a bit red, but after half a year I can say I'm super happy with my belly. My six-pack, which I had built up by laborious trained before the surgery, and that has been preserved thanks to god, is now visible in its full beauty! The scar doesn’t bother me as a man at all - have I ever worn tight pants? ;) " – K.B.

“If you do months of extensive sports to lose weight,

and change your diet for good, only to see that you are indeed become slim, but the wrinkled belly of a centenarian remains, this is very depressing. The more happy I am that my tummy tuck was a huge success and I finally gathered the fruits of my (and, of course, your) work. Now I can enjoy the success of my weight loss, even undressed.” - S.G.

"Before my pregnancy I used to be very slim.

But during pregnancy, my skin ripped and wrinkled skin flaps were the lasting result. Bending down or sitting, the wrinkles showed up. Especially after the meals, I had a regular big belly. Whenever I persuaded myself, that everything is okay, someone asked, "Oh, you are pregnant again?" Someone who used to have a little belly may not understand this, but for me it was very hard. That’s why I want to thank you with the little gift attached. You gave me back my self-esteem and the feeling of being attractive. I can wear body-hugging dresses again. I don’t care that the tissue cracks are still there and that I have a large scar beneath my underwear. This doesn’t matter because my husband loves me, no matter how I look. But others now see me the way I want them to see me." – I.B.

Yes, please inform me.

Our firm commitment to you: Your data will not be divulged to any third party.

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