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Finance a tummy tuck

The costs of a tummy tuck

How much does a tummy tuck cost? It would be irresponsible to name any figure - because the costs of a tummy tuck are always individual, like you, your aesthetic problem and the extent of your surgery.

Please arrange an appointment at our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic: Your conversation with the doctors of surgery and plastic surgery is free of charge, but valuable. You will get important information about a tummy tuck; the doctor will examine you to determine if a tummy tuck is ideal for you.

Afterwards we will be glad to offer you a definitive cost plan for your tummy tuck.

Financing a tummy tuck

The costs of cosmetic surgery are more important for some clients than for others. But especially patients with adiposity who have lost a lot of weight and feel that their skin does not return in some places often desire to have a tight abdomen and firm breasts, or a tight belly and firm thighs.

We understand these concerns. Therefore, we cooperate with reliable partners that allow you to finance your tummy tuck:

You can pay the cost of your tummy tuck by instalments - for a term of 12 or 18 months, even without down payment.

For the 0% financing up to an amount of 3,000 €, we just need your passport and your credit card. As a freelancer you don’t have to present a business assessment for a loan of up to 4,000 €.

Cost elements of a tummy tuck

Your individual budget will comprise all cost elements: the anaesthesia, the surgical team and the extensive aftercare. You do not have to have any doubts: There are no hidden costs or follow-up costs after surgery.

Assumption of costs by statutory health insurance and private insurance providers

Although in some cases the tummy tuck may be justified medically and therefore, strictly speaking, is not a purely aesthetic surgery, it is usually not paid for by statutory health insurances and private insurances providers.


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