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Tummy tuck: Methods

Surgery Methods for a Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck done by plastic surgeons

The tummy tuck is among the more extensive procedures of cosmetic surgery: it will take between two and five hours. The tummy tuck is usually performed under general anaesthesia, rarely under half-sleep or under local anaesthesia.

Tummy tuck surgery is performed with a horizontal incision above the pubic bone from one hip bone to the other. Another incision will be performed if it is necessary to reposition the navel.

Afterwards the abdominal wall will be separated up to the start of the rib cage and will be lifted up. Excess fat will be removed as well. The now-exposed vertical abdominal muscles will, if necessary, be lifted to achieve an optimal result. This is often the case if after one or more pregnancies the abdominal muscles are droopy. Next the skin will be pulled downwards, the excess tissue will be removed and a new hole will be cut out for the navel. Afterwards the surgeon stitches the navel with the skin flap, and the suture on the hip will be closed.

Mini tummy tuck

It is not always necessary to perform a complete abdominoplasty with umbilical displacement and abdominal muscle lifting.

In some cases the so-called “mini tummy tuck” may also be sufficient for the desired aesthetic result. In this case, the abdominal wall will be separated and lifted from the hip to the navel only.

This abdominoplasty can be performed without general anaesthesia.

Competent Specialists for abdominoplasty

What is described here in a few sentences is of course much more complex. Not only the tummy tuck surgery has to be performed very carefully - the planning is also very important to achieve an optimal aesthetic result.

For a well-shaped waist it may be necessary to remove some fat laterally or even at the hip to achieve a harmonious overall picture. A competent specialist must also be able to estimate how much tightening will form a shapely abdomen, so that the skin adapts agreeably to the underlying muscles.

The design of the new navel plays an essential part. It is considered as a “business card” for a plastic surgeon’s abdominoplasty. Therefore today natural and inconspicuous navel design is emphasized.

In the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic you will find competent specialists with aesthetical aspirations and an eye for the harmonious overall picture of a tummy tuck. Please feel free to arrange a consultation.


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