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Abdominoplasty Heidelberg

Possible complications

Very rare complications after a tummy tuck

Like any surgery, abdominoplasty entails risks. Very rarely there are complications, which, however, can usually be prevented by optimal preparation and aftercare. These include:

  • Wound healing problems
  • Thromboses
  • Unsightly scarring

Please take the medical advice on preparation and aftercare of your tummy tuck very serious. Smoking in particular should be abandoned at least three weeks before surgery until the end of the healing process – this will minimize the risk of a disruption of the wound healing.

To prevent thromboses during the time while you should not walk, you will get anti-thrombosis injections as well as special stockings.

For optimal scar healing, the slightly bent position when standing and walking as well as sleeping on the back with your knees slightly bent is important. For the further healing process you can use silicone salves or bandages.

Competent specialists for abdominoplasty

Competent specialists are the best basis for a tummy tuck with minimum risks. Therefore you should take time choosing the best surgeon for yourself.

At the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic you can have more than just one free consultation. You can also talk to different specialists about your tummy tuck. Arrange your consultation appointment.


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