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Bleaching for whiter teeth

Dark teeth have many causes: tobacco and medicines, but mostly certain foods such as coffee, tea and red wine.

Tooth brushing, even with special toothpastes, can only cause a limited lightening. Even professional tooth cleaning in a dental clinic cannot offer maximum results. With the bleaching system LumaArch TM it is possible to get super-white teeth in only one session. Even teeth that have had root treatment can be especially adjusted in this manner, so that they match the other teeth. Whether you are 28 or 82, a radiant smile raises your self-confidence and gives you a good feeling.

What is bleaching and how does it work?

The whitening of the teeth only takes around 40 minutes with LumaArch™. Skip standard bleaching systems for home, which if they have results at all, only show them after weeks. Although not every tooth can be treated with our method (for example fillings and crowns), most people with intact front teeth are perfect candidates.

The treatment, during which all teeth are simultaneously lightened, is done with the supervision of a doctor in your dental clinic. You will be hard to recognize with your new tooth color. You will look more attractive, healthier, and will truly feel much more positive about yourself.

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