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Professional Tooth Cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning for healthy teeth

If you want to keep your teeth for a lifetime, you must take proper care of them. Merely brushing them is often insufficient to this purpose. For some areas of the mouth are difficult to reach even by brushing and flossing. These include the wisdom and molar teeth, but also periodontal pockets and parts of the interdental spaces.

The problem

These are the very spots where noxious and corrosive deposits (plaque) accumulate. Such biofilms consist of billions of bacteria with an active metabolism. These bacteria utilize isolated carbohydrates and produce acids and toxins - aggressive substances which cause tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease (gingivitis) up to bone degradation (periodontal disease). Even by careful cleaning, many people do not reach all gaps and niches in the oral cavity and thus fail to remove these bacteria. Regular professional tooth cleaning helps to prevent damage to the teeth.

The solution: Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning includes complete removal of hidden plaque, both soft and mineralized, above (tartar) and below (calculus) the gums (as far as clinically visible and thus accessible) with manual instruments (sandpaper, brushes, dental floss) and ultrasound equipment. Then any remaining stains and deposits on tooth surfaces (correspondingly for dentures and crowns) are removed by air abrasion (air flow), and then these surfaces are polished with a rotating rubber cup and an abrasive prophylaxis paste to inhibit formation of new films. Finally for protection of the dental enamel all tooth surfaces should be treated with a specific fluoride varnish.

For whom is professional dental cleaning suitable?

Professional tooth cleaning (PTC) is a major component of dental prophylaxis and thus suitable for everyone who wants to keep his or her teeth healthy and beautiful.


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