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Treatment of wrinkles by injections

You want a fresher and more radiant appearance to soften the marks of time?

Faltenunterspritzen mit Botox und Hyalurongel

Botox anti-wrinkle injection

Botox helps to smooth wrinkles and prevent further wrinkling. After injection, the muscle relaxant especially prevents unconscious facial tension, which is often responsible for the formation of forehead and frown lines. A calm, relaxed appearance is the result of wrinkle treatment with Botox. By the way: If Botox is used correctly, contrary to all fears the facial expression will remain perfectly natural.

Anti-wrinkle injection treatment with hyaluron gel

Hyaluron gel is a tried and tested filler for smoothing out wrinkles already pronounced and for padding up certain facial areas. Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of our body; therefore hyaluron is generally very well tolerated and has an important property: Hyaluronic can retain, relative to its mass, large amounts of water and thus give your skin a plumper, younger look. Therefore hyaluron gel is also widely used for lip correction.

Anti-wrinkle injection treatment with Juvéderm® gel

Juvéderm ® is a high-quality hyaluron filler which is used in our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic for liquid lifting in wrinkle treatment. Juvéderm contains, in addition to hyaluronic acid, a local anesthetic that makes the treatment much more pleasant for many patients.

Anti-wrinkle treatment by means of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is based on a natural healing method that originated in the treatment of pain: A cocktail of vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid is introduced extensively by so-called multiple micro-injections into the areas to be treated. The result: A thoroughly fresher, firmer appearance.When should anti-wrinkle treatment be performed?

When anti-wrinkle treatment is appropriate, depends on what you want to achieve.

Even in younger years, while wrinkles are still barely developed, liquid lifting can achieve preservation of the actual state – the formation of further or deepening of existing wrinkles can be prevented.

Even when deep wrinkles or sagging facial skin are already present, esthetic medicine can help with anti-wrinkle injections. Under some circumstances, however, a mini-facelift, browlift or blepharoplasty may be more expedient.

Anti-wrinkle injections at the esthetic specialist’s

Whether and what anti-wrinkle injections are appropriate for you, you will learn from our esthetics specialists. Arrange your noncommittal consultation and examination in our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic right now.

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