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Liquid lifting with autologous fat

Liquid lifting with autologous fat performed by the esthetics specialists

Liquid lifting with autologous fat is a particularly natural form of anti-wrinkle treatment, but also somewhat more complex than anti-wrinkle treatment with, e.g., hyaluronic acid:

The fat to be injected for the treatment of wrinkles must first be extracted by liposuction from buttocks, hip or abdomen. Next, the extracted tissue is purified until the pure body fat remains. This can then be incorporated, using fine injection needles, into the following parts of the body:

  • Face: Wrinkle and scar correction, enlargement of the cheek bones
  • All over the body: Filling up of small defects of subcutaneous tissue
  • Hands: Rejuvenation of the back of the hand
  • Lips: Correction, enlargement, restoration of the earlier volume
  • Eyes: Correction of dark circles and slight eye bags

Eigenfett Faltenunterspritzung

Competent specialists for anti-wrinkle treatment with autologous fat

Anti-wrinkle treatment with autologous fat can be performed only by experienced surgeons, because the actual injection is preceded by surgery for liposuction.

This method is particularly suitable for patients who are contemplating esthetic treatment of stubborn problem areas anyway. For very slim people, anti-wrinkle treatment with autologous fat is discouraged, since for sustained results up to three sessions are required:

Experience shows that after the first treatment usually up to 50 % of the injected autologous fat will be degraded again within the first year. With a second or third treatment, however, lasting results will usually be achieved.

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