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Why «before/after» pictures for anti-wrinkle injections are not allowed

The German Advertising of Medicines Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz) prohibits doctors and clinics to use direct «before and after» comparisons on the Internet. Therefore, at this point, we may not show any «before and after» pictures of anti-wrinkle injections and wrinkle treatment.

Regardless of the legal situation, out of respect for the privacy of our patients we at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic do not wish to show «before and after» pictures. The face has the greatest recognition value – the outcomes of our anti-wrinkle injections are so natural and unobtrusive that we are glad to leave the environment of our patients thinking that they had simply kept in very good shape…

You, too, want convincing results of a wrinkle injection? Talk to our specialists, we will be happy to help!

Measures before and after anti-wrinkle injections

The steps which you should take before and after an anti-wrinkle injection in order to achieve optimal, long-lasting results depend very much on the method which you and your doctor opt for.

Our specialists will advise you about anti-wrinkle injections and inform you what you should pay attention to before and after anti-wrinkle injections.

Patients’ opinions after anti-wrinkle injections

Maybe you are also interested in what other patients say after their anti-wrinkle injections at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic? Below there are excerpts from letters we have received in recent years:

"Most people seem to think I was very young …

… when I started with the anti-wrinkle injections in your care. But it was worth it, as you are well aware. Today, I look younger, more rested and fresher than my friends of the same age, even though I smoke! A friend who called me crazy five years ago is today very angry about her wrinkles – at 35, things start getting serious. I have just mailed her the link to your site…" – L.L.

"What I liked best about you …

… was that from the very beginning you introduced me to various methods, for it’s the mix that does it! My forehead is beautifully smooth thanks to Botox, my cheeks are firm, my folds between nose and mouth and my frown lines have almost disappeared due to hyaluronic acid (a complete disappearance at my age would have been too implausible). This looks completely harmonious and not in the least artificial. Between the two of us: I am glad to have ended up with you, Dr. Pees, when I look at some of my acquaintances. One can see it indeed if someone has been to a doctor’s who will only inject Botox into the forehead and forgets the rest of the face …"

"Hello, Dr. Stechl…

… I would like to postpone my appointment by three months, as I still look thoroughly fresh. ;) As an aside: I would be interested to know whether there are other men who deal with the issue of anti-wrinkle injections. I guess you may not tell me, but I would be happy if that would not remain a female domain. We men are supposed not to mind looking our age. Gray hair and laugh lines don’t worry me. But with deep forehead wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes it’s No More Mr. Nice Guy. So thank you for relieving me of them, you are doing a great job.» – R.U.


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Our firm commitment to you: Your data will not be divulged to any third party.

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