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Wrinkle removal by mesotherapy


Competent specialists for mesotherapy

At the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic you find qualified professionals for one of the most exciting ways to remove wrinkles without surgery: Mesotherapy. The method, based on a naturopathic procedure originally developed for pain management, can give face, neck and cleavage a younger, firmer appearance – thus often delaying the need for a facelift.

In mesotherapy, by means of a device whose ends are equipped with many fine needles, a «cocktail» of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and a local anesthetic is injected. The vitamins and antioxidants supply the skin with valuable nutrients; the hyaluronic acid retains water and plumps the skin literally from the inside; and the anesthetic provides a more pleasant treatment.

Mesotherapy: New possibilities without needles

By now, there is also a mesotherapy procedure that uses electrical impulses instead of needles.

The electrical impulses pave the way for the valuable ingredients into the upper and lower layers of skin. In this case no anesthetic is necessary; redness or bruising which might be caused by injections are avoided.

Our specialists are always keen to bring the most advanced methods for treating wrinkles to their patients, especially if the treatment is comparatively mild and pleasant. Therefore, the needle-free Actyderm mesotherapy system is used in our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic, too.

Mesotherapy treatment by esthetic professionals

Ask your esthetics specialist for mesotherapy treatment: Our specialists in surgery and plastic surgery will be pleased to advise you fully and comprehensively about these and other methods for anti-wrinkle treatment – noncommittal.

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