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Frequently asked questions

Answers and questions for plastic surgery

Many different customers also mean many different questions. Some questions, however, are very important for our customers and are asked time and again.

You cannot find the answer to your special question? Please feel free to ask all your questions in a personal consultation.

Is public or private insurance going to pay?

Insurances usually do not cover such treatments. There are some exceptions, such as surgical corrections after diseases or other surgery, but this must be discussed in the individual case with the insurance company. We will be happy to assist you with cost assessments and medical evaluations.

Are plastic surgical treatments painful?

proaesthetic offers all variations of anaesthesia, from local to general anaesthesia. The choice of the anaesthetic depends on the type of treatment and your sensitivity to pain. You can be sure that your treatment will be as painless as possible.

What kind of doctors will treat me?

All of our doctors are specialists who not only are highly experienced and qualified but always keep scientifically up-to-date by permanent continuous training as well. You can be sure to be in best hands.

Is treatment in a private clinic not very expensive?

Some treatments do not cost more than a short vacation. Others may be more expensive. But for these treatments we also offer attractive finance plans.

How successful is treatment in your clinic?

Many patients come to us because of recommendations by earlier patients, a fact that speaks for itself. In the area of liposuction we even have numbers. According to a survey among liposuction patients, 92% of the former proaesthetic patients would recommend our clinic.

How safe is treatment?

You can be sure of one thing: We only use the safest and best-researched techniques available, and the most modern technology. Moreover, all attending doctors are luminaries in their respective areas.

A private clinic - that sounds very exclusive. Is it right for me?

Our private clinic has a diverse clientele. From housewife to manager, from student to actor. In short: Here everyone is welcome – thanks to our financing options virtually every procedure is affordable to everyone. One thing, however, is and will remain exclusive: The quality of our services and consultation.

When will I feel fit again after a surgery?

This depends entirely upon the procedure. Some treatments take only a few minutes, whereas others such as liposuction may take 2-3 hours. The time will also depend upon your constitution. It will be best to clear these questions in your individual discussion with the doctor.

How do I find a good aesthetic surgeon?

Unfortunately, “aesthetic surgeon” still is not a protected title in Germany. To make sure the doctor actually has well-founded surgical experience, it is recommendable to pay attention to the specialty. Specialists in surgery and plastic surgery and doctors with the specialty of plastic operations in mouth, jaw and face surgery or in ENT surgery are especially qualified. Membership in any of the main societies for aesthetic surgery is likewise a good sign!

I am a smoker. Is this a problem for aesthetic surgery?

Yes, this can be a bit problematic. Smoking, for example, reduces facial blood circulation. And good facial circulation is crucial for good healing after facial operations. It may be necessary to modify such surgeries for smokers, so that poor circulation will not impair the results. But this also means that the effects of the surgery may be less marked.

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