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Plastic Surgery Through The Ages

Voluptuously female or with androgynous edges: Opposites such as Rubens’s ladies and the fashion icon Twiggy are incarnate evidence of the continuous change of the ideal of beauty. Therefore, it is no wonder that plastic surgery has always aroused the interest of people. As early as some 3,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians made the first attempts to alter the face by surgical means.

Luckily, modern plastic surgery can now avail itself, in addition to the discoveries of the last millennia, of ultramodern technologies and materials to enhance, preserve and restore individual beauty.

Plastic surgery for your beauty

Facelift, breast augmentation, hair transplantation or liposuction – the goal of plastic surgery should always be a natural, harmonious result. Therefore, often even minor operations can help patients gain a new, positive attitude towards life. Attractive and confident in daily life – an understandable desire that plastic surgery can fulfill for many patients.

Experience and expertise in plastic surgery

Each person is unique. Therefore, each surgical intervention at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic is planned and performed individually. The patient’s physical condition is considered in the surgical planning, as well as his or her wishes. Here, cosmetic surgery challenges the physician as an artist as well: An eye for harmony, proportions and esthetics, in addition to medical skills, is a prerequisite for successful treatment outcomes and happy patients.

From initial consultation to the final check-up after surgery, you benefit from the expertise of our specialists in surgery and plastic surgery.

Learn more about the various departments of plastic surgery in your proaesthetic beauty clinic:

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