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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation for a shapely breast


Breast augmentation done by plastic surgeons

You are dissatisfied with your most important female attribute - your breast? Harmonious proportions and natural beauty – for many women who would like to have a larger breast these are the most important criteria. In the last few years plastic surgery has improved to meet these wishes.

Today various surgical methods and breast implants are available to meet a wide range of physical requirements and aesthetic goals.

Therefore proaesthetic does not offer “one-type-fits-all” breast surgery, but an individual approach to achieve natural and well-proportioned results – tailored to your body and your sense of beauty.

Are you considering breast enlargement? On the following pages you will find more information about methods, possible complications and costs of breast enlargement. Or you can arrange an appointment for a personal consultation with one of our plastic surgery specialists.

Limitation of breast augmentation

Optimal results with breast implants can be achieved if your natural breast already has a harmonious shape.
The best solution for a fuller and firmer breast after pregnancy or losing weight could be a breast uplift surgery combined with implants.  Even in case of a tubular breast, implants alone rarely achieve shapely breasts.

A personal face-to-face consultation with our plastic surgery specialist is the best way to find out whether breast augmentation is the way to fulfil your aesthetic expectations. We look forward to hearing you!


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