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Breast Augmentation: Before and After

Breast Augmentation before and after pictures

Many women contemplating breast augmentation are looking for “before and after” pictures. Understandably: You want to know if other women had a similar breast shape before surgery, and which results can be expected from breast augmentation.

In accordance with § 11 I 3 of the German Medical Products Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz, HWG), display of “before and after pictures” concerning cosmetic surgery is not permissible.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure. It entails risks. Therefore the legislator wants to protect women who desire a larger breast to consider the augmentation procedure as a “breeze”.

In addition, images can be manipulated very easily. Breast augmentation is done more quickly on the computer than in reality.

What our patients say after breast augmentation

“14 days ago I got breast augmentation in your clinic

and would like to thank you for the excellent work. At any time I felt in good hands in your clinic – from the first consultation for the surgery until today. I would like to thank Dr. Pees, who has done a fantastic job, and Mr. Hipp, who consulted me very well on financing. Last but not least: Thanks to the whole friendly staff that took care of me and made the stay in your clinic as pleasant as possible.” – R.S.

“Two years ago, I was at your clinic for my breast augmentation.

My breasts are still unique and beautiful; I have never thought that they could be so wonderful. I thank you for the great job. You had helped me so much; I would definitely do it again.” – K.S.

“You have given me a new life.

Since my surgery for breast augmentation my life has changed completely. At last I have found the self-confidence again which I need for my profession. My personal life has changed for the better. My marriage had suffered from this fact that my breasts were not the same as before pregnancy. Now I can undress without feeling embarrassed and put on pretty clothes again. You have made me a happy woman. Best wishes to your staff, which has taken great care of me.” – G.R.

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