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Breast implants

Implants for breast augmentation


Forms and sizes of implants

Photos of celebrities with football-shaped breasts have given breast augmentation a poor reputation. But between the two of us: There are many women whose décolleté does not betray the fact that the breasts below have undergone aesthetical modifications.

After all, today numerous implant forms and sizes are available, allowing a very natural breast form. The surgery method can also impact the future look of the natural breast form.

Implant fillings

Modern breast implants consist of silicone sheaths which contain different fillers, such as silicone gel or saline solution: The silicone shells are very stable; the cohesive silicone gel is too firm to leak out of the silicone shell.

Breast implant manufacturers

Proaesthetic uses only top-quality implants from leading manufacturers, offering a lifetime guarantee. We use stable and textured surface breast implants.

This slightly rough, textured surface prevents the implant from slipping and may reduce the risk of capsular fibrosis.

Learn more about breast implants

To give you a more precise idea of implants, our specialists in plastic surgery will be pleased to present you the various types of breast implants in a personal consultation.

You can touch the breast implant, feel how solid it is and perceive that breast implants have the same weight as a natural breast.

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