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Finance breast augmentation


Some women want breast enlargement, but fear the costs and think about having surgery abroad where it is supposed to be cheaper. But what if there are complications after surgery? Who will provide the necessary aftercare? Risks which cannot compensate a possibly lower price.

proaesthetic will be pleased to inform you about the individual costs for your breast augmentation and provides straightforward financing if you prefer monthly payments:

  • 0% financing with no lending interest
  • Loan term: 12 or 18 months
  • No down payment required
  • As a private person no payroll is needed for a financing of up to 3,000 € - your credit card and identity card will be sufficient
  • As a freelancer you don’t have to present a business assessment for a loan of up to 4,000 €

Cost Elements of breast augmentation

The costs for breast augmentation comprise a number of different items. Factors to be considered in the calculation of prices include the following:

  • Costs of the breast implants
  • Preparation of the surgery, including the surgical team
  • Fee for the anaesthetist and costs for anaesthetics
  • Fee for the surgeon in charge
  • Costs of your hospital stay
  • Price of support bra
  • Aftercare until healing is complete

You do not have to fear unexpected extra costs: Before your breast augmentation you will receive a cost plan that includes all costs of the surgery and the aftercare.

Assumption of costs by health insurance and private insurance

In most cases neither statutory health insurance nor private insurance providers will cover the costs for breast augmentation.

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