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breast augmentation - methods

Surgery methods for breast augmentation


Breast enlargement done by plastic surgeons

We offer various techniques to achieve breast augmentation. In addition to breast augmentation with implants there is the option of breast augmentation with your own fat cells or with hyaluronic acid. If you are unsure about the right method for achieving your aesthetic goals, arrange a consultation at our clinic:

It would be a pleasure for our qualified specialists in breast augmentation to consult you about the individual surgery methods.

This page gives you an overview of the various surgery methods for breast augmentation with implants.

Breast augmentation: overview of the individual surgery methods

The breast implant will be inserted either through the skin fold beneath the breast, through the nipple complex or through the armpit. The selection should not be made only because of aesthetic reasons or because of the doctor’s preference.

Your physical condition as well as the size and the positioning of the implant (e.g. beneath the pectoralis muscle) play an important role in the choice of the correct surgery method.

Incision beneath the breast - in the skin fold

With this incision the specialist has the best view of the “implant bed” – the place where the implant is going to be inserted. That’s why this method is the most reliable one and has a particularly low rate of complications. The visibility of the scar depends on the size of the newly formed breast and the skin texture.

Incision around the nipple complex

For this surgery the incision runs semi-circularly around the nipple complex, and the implant is inserted through a relative small stoma. That’s why this method is ideal for breast augmentation e.g. for implants with saline solution. Especially young women appreciate this approach, because the resulting scars are hardly visible between the pigmented and unpigmented area.

Breast implant through the armpit: Transaxillary incision

The idea for scars disappearing in the armpit can be tempting. But in this approach the implant has to pass the longest distance until it is exactly in the right place.

Are you interested in more details about the individual surgery methods for breast enlargement? Feel free to arrange a non-binding consultation at our clinic or ask for information material.

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