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Possible Complications

Very rare complications after breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a relative uncomplicated surgery. Nevertheless, during breast enlargement complications may occur which pose a certain risk during each surgery. Besides there are some rare complications which can occur particularly after breast enlargement:

  • Bleeding after surgery
  • Capsular fibrosis: The soft implant will be compressed if the scar or the forming capsular tissue tightens around the implant; this causes a hardening feeling in the chest. In this case a second surgery will be necessary. The capsular tissue and the implants will be changed.
  • Inflammations of the implant area: Occurs very rarely and usually only in the first week after breast augmentation. In some cases, the implant has to be removed until the inflammation has abated.
  • Numbness, hypersensitivity: Some women report feelings of numbness; others report oversensitive nipples after breast enlargement. Generally the symptoms will ease after some time.

Competent specialists for breast augmentation

BrustvergrößerungCompetence and experience of the surgeon and the use of high quality implants reduce the risk of complications before and after breast augmentation.

In the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic, there are solely trained specialists in surgery and plastic surgery working with many years of experience. From the first consultation to the aftercare you are in safe hands.

What you should also know about breast augmentation:

  • There is no evidence that implants affect the fertility or have effects on pregnancy and lactation period.
  • There is no evidence that implants cause breast cancer.
  • Even with breast implants, thanks to modern digital X-ray technique screening for breast cancer is possible examination – make sure your gynaecologist knows about the implants.

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