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Breast lifting: Preparation and aftercare of patients


Preparation for breast lifting

During a period of four weeks after the breast lift you should not do sports or lift heavy objects. Sauna and solarium are not recommended in the first few weeks.

You and your environment should be prepared. Before the breast lift you should also discontinue alcohol, cigarettes and blood-thinning medications.

Please discuss the following with your plastic surgeon – this will help you with the preparation for your breast lift: How long you will stay at our clinic, whether you have help at home and when you will be able to go back to work, what can be done and cannot be done after your breast lift and should therefore be considered in the planning and organisation of your breast surgery. Your surgeon will help you to get ready for your breast lift so that after the operation you have the necessary peace for a relaxed healing phase.

Aftercare of breast lifting

After your breast lift, you may feel tension or pain in the chest

In the first two to three days after your breast surgery you will stay in our clinic, where you can recover at rest, and our surgeon will examine your chest regularly.

After your hospital stay you should take it easy, your body is now programmed to “Healing” and should have the necessary rest. Your breasts may be swollen and less sensitive in the first weeks. These symptoms, however, will disappear within about six weeks. During this time you will wear an elastic bandage for 24 hours a day to reduce the swelling, to keep the "new" breasts in shape and protect the fresh sutures from tension.

Our specialists in plastic surgery will give information about personal hygiene during this time, as well as recommendations how to support the healing of the scars.

After three weeks, the stitches will be removed. The scars will continue to heal with time and after some time will fade more and more.

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