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Breast lift: Before and After

Breast lift before and after surgery

Depending on your situation, the results of a breast lift can be very impressive. Unfortunately we may not show you a direct “before and after comparison” on our website.

Why are “before and after” pictures of breast lifts not allowed?

For us as human beings, the eyes are one of the most important decision makers. Before we have seen with our own eyes, things remain for us unimaginable and abstract. That’s why the German Medical Products Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz, HWG) has banned “before and after pictures” concerning cosmetic surgery since 2006.

§ 11 I 3 HWG states: Presentation of “before and after” pictures of plastic surgery is not allowed in Germany. This is to prevent frivolous decisions concerning cosmetic surgery.

Our team at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic supports this approach: Each surgery, including breast lifting, should be performed only after careful consideration, extensive consultation and objective information.

Competent specialists for breast lifting

Arrange an appointment with our competent specialists in surgery and plastic surgery: Together you will discuss your desires and the possible results of your breast lift.

What our patients say after a breast lift

Almost as important as “before and after” pictures is the experience of other patients. Therefore here we present excerpts from patients after a breast lift:

"Good afternoon!

I hope you are well. As for myself, I am really happy. I have just returned from my first holidays after the breast lift and I want to thank you once more for the beautiful results. Now one year after the surgery the scars are very fine and pale and nobody can see them under my bikini. Finally my chest fits my body and now I can mix with other people on the beach without inhibitions." - A.D.

"The result of my breast lift is so beautiful,

that’s why I will take the chance to have my thighs tightened in your clinic, too. We have decided to wait and see if I can maintain my weight and if sports and the diet may help me. While my belly is in pretty good shape, my thighs still hang. I have lost forty pounds and my desire was and still is to be able to wear skirts; I would like to arrange an appointment for a consultation. I really feel in good hands at proaesthetic.” – C.O.

"Dear proaesthetic clinic,

I am looking at the pictures before my pregnancies and I have to say that my new breasts are almost more beautiful than before. As you know, I was very unhappy with my breast after breastfeeding my three kids. I had always hoped but never thought that the breast lift would make me so happy.” – G.R.

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