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Surgical Methods for Breast Lifting

Surgical Methods for Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)


Breast lifting done by plastic surgeons

The surgeon for your breast lift should be selected carefully. One of the important factors is the surgical method for breast lift.

Our specialists in surgery and plastic surgery at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic use the latest surgical method - the single-scar technique - which leads to nearly scar-free results. The incision is made ​​around the nipple complex and vertically beneath it. The incision below the breast – which was the standard technique for a long time – is not necessary.

If, for example after pregnancy or excessive weight loss, hardly any glandular tissue exists, the surplus breast tissue can be used to form a breast mound. Amazingly beautiful results can be achieved with your own body tissue instead of implants.

The breast lift with the gentle single-scar technique requires touch and time: The surgery takes usually two to four hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

Competent specialists for breast lifting

Whether this surgical method and the breast lift with or without implants is the right thing for you, that is a question you will decide after your personal appointment and detailed examination with one of our specialists.

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