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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction for a better quality of life.


Breast reduction done by plastic surgeons

Breast reduction is comparable with breast lifting: The breast is not only reduced in volume, but also reshaped.

Naturally the female breast obeys the laws of gravity - the bigger and heavier the breasts, the more they tend to sag. Sometimes the nipples are quite sizeable. Features which can be corrected in a breast lift through our plastic surgeons.

The chest will be smaller, lighter and tighter, and the nipples are adjusted to the new breast volume.

Reasons for breast reduction

The decision for a breast reduction is often made not only because of aesthetic reasons: Tight bras, rashes under the breasts, backache and tension are stressful and reduce the quality of life.

Breast reduction can help women to reduce pain and impairment in everyday life, as well as to develop a new attitude towards life.

Competent specialists for breast reduction

At proaesthetic, the private clinic for plastic surgery, you will find competent medical specialists for breast reduction. Arrange your personal consultation - we are looking forward to seeing you!


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