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Preparation and aftercare of patients


Preparation of a breast reduction

Before you opt for a breast reduction, you should learn about the surgical methods, the possible results and risks of the procedure.

Our specialists in surgery and plastic surgery are looking forward to informing you: During your consultation you will learn all you should know about breast reduction, and you will discuss your desires and aims and the possible results of your cosmetic surgery.

If you are interested, you can arrange a second appointment, if required, with another surgeon of our clinic. We want you to make a decision which makes you happy and secure. This includes time, extensive advice and free choice of a doctor.

What you should do directly before the breast reduction.

If you have made up your mind about a breast reduction at our clinic and your surgery date is fixed, you will be informed what preparations you should take before the procedure.

For example discontinuation of alcohol, cigarettes and blood-thinning medications, the organisation of your hospitalization and the time after surgery. Do you have help for housekeeping? Does someone accompany you? How long won’t you be able to work?

You should check these questions with your surgeon as well as your environment to avoid unnecessary stress during the healing process.

Aftercare of breast reduction

In the first days after your breast reduction, it may be that you feel tired and experience pain in the chest.

In the first one to two days, you will wear an elastic bandage to reduce the swelling of your "new" breasts and to effect some drainage for the wound fluid, helping to prevent complications.

The drainage and the bandage are usually removed on the third day after your breast reduction. Now you can see your breast for the first time after surgery.

In the next four weeks, you should constantly wear a special support bra. You will receive this bra at our clinic. After about three weeks, the stitches are removed, and your healing process can continue. Our specialists in surgery and plastic surgery will give you important information about body and scar care during this time.

As a final result of the surgery your breasts will look smaller, and soon you can wear a normal bra or go shopping for a fashionable new top.


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