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Breast reduction: Before and After

Brustverkleinerung vor und nach der OP

Competent and experienced specialists can achieve excellent results in breast reduction surgery.

Why is direct “before and after” comparison of pictures of breast reduction not allowed?

§ 11 I 3 of the German Medical Products Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz, HWG) bans showing “before and after” pictures in relation to cosmetic surgery. Therefore you will find direct “before and after” comparisons on the internet only among foreign service providers.

However, you should not decide in favour of or against a breast reduction solely on the basis of photos - each person is different, therefore the results of a surgery may differ. The extensive consultation, training and many years of experience of our surgeons, as well as the feeling of being in good hands, should be more important than pictures.

Competent specialists for breast reduction

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What our patients say after a breast reduction

Would you like to read the experiences of other patients who have had breast reduction in our clinic? Here are some voices of women after their breast reduction in the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic:

“Almost two years after my breast reduction

I would like to get in contact with you again. Thank you so much for everything! Now I have the breasts I always wanted to have, can wear the clothes (even bikinis!) I like. Can you imagine how relieved I feel? The shape of my breasts is very nice, the scars are barely visible. Even my husband, who was against the surgery, if you remember, is now enthusiastic. Thank you very much.” – H.K.

“No more backaches,

no more too tight bras and men even look into my eyes ... I’ve never thought that breast reduction would help me so much and so quickly. I’m even going to fulfil my long-cherished dream and get me a motorcycle driving license. Thanks a lot, I am indebted to you!” - M.B.

“My breast reduction was six weeks ago,

the scars are still pink, but I wanted to write you now, even if I'll see you soon for check-up. Today I bought my first bra in the new cup size and I’m feeling great, free and ‘sexy’ like never before. Therefore, I immediately had to write this email! Thank you, Dr. Pees, and see you soon!“ - Q.C.

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