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Costs of breast reduction

Like any plastic surgery, breast reduction is a personal and individual issue.

If you want to know which costs you have to expect for breast reduction, arrange a personal appointment at our clinic. After an examination and a detailed conversation with one of our specialists in surgery and plastic surgery we will be pleased to make you a detailed therapy plan.

Financing a Breast Reduction

If you want to fulfil the long-cherished dream of a smaller breast, the costs should not prevent you from having your dream fulfilled. Feel free to finance your breast reduction by deferred payment. You can pay by instalments without interest - even without down payment. You can choose a term of 12 or 18 months.

Up to an amount of 3,000 €, you just need your passport and your credit card - credit checks or other documents are not necessary. Freelancers don’t have to present a business evaluation for a loan of up to 4,000 €.

Cost components of a breast reduction

If you are going to have a breast reduction at our clinic, you can rest assured: We offer you a definite price.There won’t be any additional costs. The surgery itself, your hospital stay, aftercare and all other relevant items concerning your breast reduction are included in your definite price.

Assumption of costs by health insurance and private insurance

In some cases, breast reduction is paid by statutory health insurance and private insurance providers - the assessment guidelines for reimbursement are very strict, however.

Many women dread the effort and the necessary tests such as the weighing of the breasts. Your personal feelings should decide if you “need” a breast reduction surgery and not a few hundred grams on the scale.

Furthermore, health insurance companies usually do not pay for treatment in private clinics. You should check with your insurance company if it offers reimbursement of breast reduction at our clinic.

If you decide for a breast reduction at proaesthetic, please feel free to arrange a personal consultation.

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