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Breast Reduction Heidelberg


Surgery Methods for breast reduction


Breast reduction done by plastic surgeons

There is one method for breast reduction, but a number of different incisions. The specialists in surgery and plastic surgery at the Heidelberger Clinic proaesthetic choose a virtually scar-free incision for the breast reduction.

The incision will be made around the nipple downwards towards the breast fold. Afterwards the surgeon removes the surplus part of the breast including skin, mammary glands tissue and fat.

To achieve a harmonious result, the nipple will be moved upwards and is adjusted to the diameter of the newly formed breast. In some cases, e.g. if the breast is very large (gigantomastia), the nipple has to be transplanted completely.

Competent specialists in plastic surgery for breast reduction

Breast reduction is an extensive surgery which may take several hours.
Surgery is done under general anaesthesia. At the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic you will find competent specialists both for breast reduction and anaesthesia.

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