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Breast Surgery Heidelberg

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery done by plastic surgeons

Symmetric, firm and shapely – which woman does not dream of the perfect breast? It is not always the desire for a larger breast - breast reduction and breast lifting are also among the duties of a plastic surgeon.

Did you know that the issue of breast surgery also affects men? Also known as gynecomastia, over-developed or enlarged male breasts can be corrected in plastic surgery by partial liposuction and breast lift.


Reasons for breast surgery

Pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, weak connective tissue or simply the natural ageing process leave their marks on the female breast. The desire for well-shaped breasts that look good even without a bra and a positive attitude towards life are reasons enough not to accept a situation which burdens you permanently.

No matter whether you wish bigger, smaller, or simply tighter breasts: Today plastic surgery offers gentle methods and high-quality implants to suit your desire for aesthetic and well-formed breasts.

Learn more about the possibilities of breast surgery at your specialists in Heidelberg:

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