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By means of cryolipolysis problem regions are being treated with cold

KryolipolyseThere is hardly anyone doesn’t have to deal with persistent fat pads during some periods of his or her life. Whether caused by lack of workout or malnutrition, hormone imbalances or a changed metabolism; there are many reasons and “thanks” to our modern way of life more and more also men are concerned. The unwanted fat may be fought with a balanced diet and lots of sports – at least in most cases.

Fettentfernung durch KälteHowever, our daily routine demands so much from us that there is no time or place for new eating habits or the gym or maybe we simply do not have enough self-discipline. If such is the case we still do not have to accept our unwanted fat pads or love handles. With cryolipolysis aesthetic medicine has come up with a procedure in which fatty tissue can be stimulated successfully in a lot of cases. The non-invasive cryolipolysis method is not time consuming.

Cryolipolysis offers a whole range of new opportunities. This method often applied in the beauty industry, however, is not a “panacea”. The success of a cryolipolysis treatment depends on a lot of relevant aspects.

As new as the procedure, as traditional its name

Cryo is the ancient Greek word for ice or frost, lipo means fat and lysis, finally, stands for solution or even liquidation. Therefore during cryolipolysis fat is being eliminated by cold – at least in theory. The method, thus, is based on the recognition that fat cells other than regular tissue react very sensitively to cold.

This fact can be used by aesthetic medicine. During a cryolipolysis treatment an applicator is being placed exactly at the very spot where the fat depot should be tackled. The device cools the relevant region down to up to minus nine degrees centigrade. The connecting tissue remains uninfluenced and usually is not being harmed. The upper skin is protected by a special fleece. If the hypothermia leads to the so-called process of apoptosis, the cells which have been deliberately stimulated to die off are being deteriorated by the lymphatic system.

Fat at the upper arms, at the hips and thighs may often be reduced remarkably by means of cryolipolysis. Also who “only” suffers from cellulites or who wants to optimize his or her body shape is well-advised to apply cryolipolysis. Major fat accumulations and severe overweight, however, should not be treated in this way. In such cases the experts rather recommends plastic surgery due to the better prospects of success (the liposuction).

The costs with respect to cryolipolysis depend on the number of bodily regions to be treated as well as on the total of all consultations necessary. You will receive additional information in a personal consultation and non-binding counseling interview with one of our medical experts.

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