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A dental crown as a tooth replacement

If a tooth has been decimated by cavities to such an extent that fillings cannot be done, a crown can restore the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth. The artificial tooth crown looks like the other teeth and covers the tooth stump, which has been prepared beforehand.
Especially when dealing with front teeth, it is crucial that the crown has the same color and shape as the natural teeth. After all, you want to keep your individual appearance. Your dentist will be happy to inform you which type of crown is suitable for your medicinal situation, considering financial and aesthetic aspects.

Metal crowns

Metal Crowns are usually uses in non-visible areas due to aesthetic reasons. They have been acclaimed standard crowns for years, made out of materials such as non-metal of dental gold alloys. This type of crown is of very stable material, unaffected by corrosion, and last for a long time.

Metal and Ceramic Crowns

Metal and ceramic crowns are made of a metal base, the cap, that is covered with tooth-colored resin or ceramic. Thus they look like real teeth, which is especially important for front teeth.

Ceramic blend crowns

Ceramic crowns are difficult to make, because the ceramic masses are layered and burnt onto the metal cap in several steps. For this reason they are durable and retain their color.

PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns

PFM crowns are made of ceramic fused to a galvanized metal cap made out of gold, and cemented onto the prepared tooth. The advantage lies in excellent fitting and aesthetics.

Ceramic crowns

The most aesthetically attractive solution are ceramic crowns like In-Ceram, that do not have a metal cap. Due to this, ceramic crowns are used mostly in the front tooth area. They are given precisely the same color as the other teeth, and because light passes through them just like through natural teeth, it is almost possible to tell them apart from your own teeth. Furthermore, clinical studies document the durability and low risk of allergic reaction this material has.

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