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Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)

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Large or prominent ears can be revised with an ear reshaping surgery (otoplasty). Adults and children with protruding ears are often in severe distress. That's why they decide to undergo a reshaping procedure. Although ear reshaping procedure is a cosmetic surgery with no medical implications it usually has great psychological benefits for people concerned.

In an age of three years ears are fully developed and from an age of five the cartilage is strong enough to hold stitches so that otoplasty can be performed. Most ear reshaping surgeries are carried out on young people between three and fourteen years. During an initial consultation our specialists will thoroughly examine your ears and advise you in an operation method that suit you best.

Ear reshaping surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia. But particular younger children are less afraid and stressed when operation is carried out under general anaesthesia. Procedure normally takes between to thirty minutes to one hour and can be performed ambulant or stationary. Depending on the required results and specific problems we will advise you concerning the right technique. The commonest one is a cut behind the ear where surgeon removes cartilage and replaces it to achieve a more natural and pleasant position, scars are nearly invisible later.

Stitches will be taken out one week after surgery and you may have to wear a supportive bandage for a while. Plan to take the subsequent week after surgery of to support the healing process.

Majority of proaesthetics patients are very pleased with the result of their ear reshaping surgery and enjoy their small and more attractive ears much.

If you are interested in ear reshaping surgery contact us here. For further information about plastic and cosmetic surgery, click here.

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