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Eyebrow Lifting

Brow lift for raising the eyebrows


Cosmetic eyebrow treatments

As the face ages, tightness and elasticity of our skin increases. One of the most noticeable problems are wrinkles, frown lines and sagging upper eyelids and eyebrows. These effects are not aesthetically pleasing because they can make us look tired, angry or sad.

For sagging eyebrows a brow lift can be performed. An eyebrow lift is often performed in conjunction with an eyelid or forehead surgery but occasionally it may be necessary to perform it prior to.

Direct eyebrow lift

A direct lifting is performed under local anaesthesia and in a sedentary position. During lifting procedure surgeon removes excess kin and fat, lifts brows in the desired position and fixes them with tiny stitches. Finally the lesion itself is stitched. Possible scars are hidden below eyebrows and therefore invisible. Procedure takes approximately one hour and is performed outpatient.

Rare and undesirable side effects of lifting procedure are noticeable scars. Hair loss along the incision, numbness, itching and swelling are temporary and usually not severe.

A direct eyebrow lift is optimal for restructure brows symmetry and widens your look. It can minimize the appearance of ageing for years.

Eyebrows - hair transplantation

Hair (brow) loss due to hereditary disposition, diseases or accidents can be easily treated with a special hair transplantation technique. We prefer to use patients own hair to reconstruct eyebrows. After surgery patients have to cut their brows regularly because it growth analogue to the scalp hair.

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