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Eyelid lifting surgery for beautiful eyes


Upper eyelid lifting

Our eyes reveal a lot about us: Whether we are fit and active, or tired and stressed. Whether we are happy or sad. Whether we are 20 years old or 50. But if the famous bedroom eyes have nothing to do with our mood, our lifestyle or our character, but with eyelids sunken for genetic or age-related reasons, this may impair our lives, both in private and at work.

Upper eyelid lifting can give you a more open, fresher and younger look. Fortunately even with a relatively minor operation and a scar that will disappear discreetly into the upper eyelid crease.

Lower eyelid lift

Just as the upper eyelid, the lower is treacherous: Dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet may tell the person vis-à-vis much more than we may like.

Lower eyelid lifting allows successful reduction of wrinkles and puffiness. Depending on the scope, this procedure is somewhat more complex than for the upper eyelid. But here, too, the scars after blepharoplasty will generally be hardly visible even at close quarters.

Eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty) by the plastic surgeon

The surgeon for your blepharoplasty should be selected very carefully. Extensive training, long-term experience and regular practice are required to achieve optimal, harmonious results and minimize risks such as unwanted scarring or overcorrection.

Reasons for blepharoplasty

Hanging upper eyelids (drooping eyelids) and eye bags can be very distressing for those affected. Apart from esthetic reasons, the field of vision can be affected by droopy eyelids and swollen areas.

Whatever your reasons may be to contemplate eyelid surgery: Seek advice from a qualified specialist in surgery or plastic surgery. At the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic, you can directly make an appointment:

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