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Eyelid lift: Preparation and Aftercare

Preparation of eyelid lift surgery

Before your eyelid surgery, you have had discussions with your specialist for surgery or plastic surgery. You know how blepharoplasty works, which complications may occur and what results are to be expected.

In your counseling sessions you will also learn whether you should have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist before blepharoplasty.

When you come to our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic for your surgery appointment, your surgeon will – while you are seated or standing – mark the proposed incision with a special pen. Our clinical staff will help you prepare for the procedure. If you are a little nervous, you will receive a mild sedative. When you wake up, you can already be excited about your tighter ocular area.

Aftercare of blepharoplasty

In the first days after blepharoplasty, your favorite accessory will be sunglasses: Slight swelling and small bruises may occur after surgery, but above all you should protect your eyes a bit. Therefore, prolonged reading or watching TV is not recommended either.

To reduce swelling, you should sleep on a slightly elevated posture and cool your ocular region. After one to two weeks, you can return to your professional commitments; from sports you should refrain for four to six weeks. Intense sun exposure is to be avoided for up to six months.

A positive change can be seen very soon after the eyelid lifting. However, it may take several weeks until all swelling has subsided and the slightly reddish color of the scar fades to a delicate, pale line. But after that you will certainly enjoy the results of your blepharoplasty for many years.

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