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Case studies, before/after

Blepharoplasty – before and after surgery

When is a lid considered sunken? Are the swellings under my eyes really eye bags? Am I going to be free of wrinkles after blepharoplasty? You will have many questions concerning the subject of «Before and after blepharoplasty». Only a qualified medical specialist will be able to tell you whether blepharoplasty is appropriate in your case and what results you should expect.

«Before and after» pictures can help you form a first impression of comparable starting situations and of the possible results of blepharoplasty . However, please understand that at this point we will not present you any «before and after» pictures.

On the one hand we put emphasis on maintaining the privacy of our patients: The face and in particular the eyes have a great recognition value – the internet is a public space. On the other hand, in Germany direct «before and after» comparison is legally prohibited.

Why «before/after» pictures for blepharoplasty are not allowed

According to § 11 I 3 of the HWG (German Advertising of Medicines Act), doctors and hospitals are not allowed to use «before and after» photos of esthetic-plastic surgery on websites, in brochures or the like. The reason: Patients should not get the impression that precisely the surgery results shown in the pictures are easy to reach for them, too.

In fact, every person is different, so each surgery should be planned individually. Direct comparison is usually not possible, since each eyelid surgery is designed or combined differently.

In this noncommittal consultation, you can get thoroughly informed about eyelid lifting and the expertise of our specialists.

Patients’ opinions after eyelid surgery

«Do good and talk about it»: In this case we will be pleased to leave that to our patients. Read some of our patients’ opinions after blepharoplasty.

«Even when I was young I always had thick eyes.

Teachers would ask me if I had a drug problem! Later, I found myself always being considered unmotivated or dumb. But I was not at all! Still, I was ignored whenever it came to exciting work – my career stagnated. That’s why I decided very early to get my eye bags removed. I was a bit afraid of the lower eye lid surgery. But with you I immediately felt in good hands. And rightly so. The surgery was remarkably uneventful for me, and I was quickly back in business and among people. Today I am very happy with my "normal" eyes. I look as young and fit as I feel, am climbing up the corporate ladder and going to marry soon. I guess you have a large share in this, Dr. Pees. Thank you!» – G.R.

«Thanks to sports and good nutrition…

…I was able to "preserve" my body well for a long time. However, for my face that would not work, despite expensive creams and facial gymnastics. My eyelids grew heavier and heavier, applying make-up caused problems, and you should not underestimate either how much such drooping eyelids depress your mood. In a word: I am very happy that I found you. The upper eyelid correction was the best decision I’ve made in recent years. I do not only look younger and fresher, but I also feel that way. Thank you, and please pass my greetings to the friendly clinic team, Dr. Pees» – S.G.

«Dear proaesthetic team:

This is a happy man writing to you! Thank you for your "masterpiece" of work on my eyes! I have been asked often if I had been on vacation or have freshly fallen in love, but never was it even suspected that I had consulted a plastic surgeon. This is what in my opinion makes a good doctor. Thank you for everything from initial consultation through surgery to professional aftercare, and also for your likable and unassuming style. I will gladly come back, but it looks like that will probably take a few more years…» – W.K.


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