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Costs and financing of blepharoplasty

Costs of blepharoplasty

Surely at this point you would like to know what costs you should expect for an eyelid lift. Unfortunately, a lump sum quotation is not possible:

Only after discussion, consultation and examination by one of our specialists for blepharoplasty will we be able to tell you what costs you should expect for this plastic surgery.

Financing blepharoplasty

These days, an eyelid lift is fortunately no longer reserved for multi-million dollar Hollywood stars. You do not have to rely on low-cost physicians with questionable expertise either: We will be pleased to arrange financing of your blepharoplasty by qualified specialists.

We will be happy to explain the details of your individual financing in a personal discussion. In general, the following applies:

  • 0% financing without credit interest
  • 12 or 18 months financing term
  • For up to € 3,000 it is sufficient to present your passport or ID card and your credit card.
  • If you are self-employed, for up to € 4,000 you do not have to present a business assessment either.
  • Other financing models are also possible.

Cost elements for blepharoplasty

For blepharoplasty, different posts are included into the calculation: The fees of your surgeon, the use of the operating room, the surgical team and the hospital staff who take care of you. The anesthetic, possibly your stay in the clinic – all this is reflected in the costs of your eyelid surgery.

Immediately after your consultation in our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic, you will get a cost plan which you can rely on. After your blepharoplasty there will not be any unexpected additional costs.

Reimbursement by statutory and private insurance providers

Will the costs of blepharoplasty be defrayed by health insurance funds and private insurance providers? As much as we would like to answer this question in the affirmative: Usually not.

But if you contemplate blepharoplasty, surely we will be able to find a solution for easy financing of this operation. Make an appointment for consultation at our Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic right now.


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