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Possible complications of eyelid lifting

Very rare complications of eyelid lifting

Although blepharoplasty is a relatively low-risk operation, complications may occur with this kind of surgery, too. Very rare complications may include:

  • Postoperative bleeding: Very rarely possible in the first two days after eyelid surgery. Generally, postoperative bleeding can be treated very easily and quickly.
  • Bruising: The tender skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Therefore bruising is to be expected after blepharoplasty. They abate by themselves after a few days.
  • Swelling: The more extensive the surgery, the more pronounced the swelling may be thereafter. In some cases – for example, if surgery on the upper and lower eyelids is combined – in the first few days it may be impossible to completely close the lids. However, this situation will change very quickly for the better.
  •  Irritated eyes: Your eyes may be irritated and light-sensitive in the first period after eyelid surgery. If necessary, we will be glad to prescribe eye drops to treat this.

Competent Specialists for Blepharoplasty

To eyelid lifting, the same applies as to any other cosmetic surgery: The more competent and experienced the surgeon and clinic team are, the lower the risk of complications will be. Therefore, you should watch whom you trust when you plan to have eyelid surgery.

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