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Breast reduction in men


Gynecomastia due to enlarged mammary glands

Second to the «sixpack belly», beautiful breast muscles are a dream of many men. This body region can likewise be treated by means of gentle techniques of «fat modeling».

In breast muscle optimization, excess fat which has accumulated over the chest muscles is removed by partial liposuction. This makes an immediate modeling of the chest muscles visible. Perfectly defined chest muscles are the lasting result!

When does breast muscle optimization make sense?

In men with marked gynecomastia – bilateral enlargement of the mammary glands. Such enlarged mammary glands are feminine in appearance and in no way correspond to the male ideal of a flat and muscular chest. Therefore, breast reduction can also be an issue for men.

Causes of true gynecomastia

  • We distinguish between true (usually caused by hormonal disorders) and pseudo gynecomastia (fatty deposits such as with obesity)
  •  Increased levels of female sex hormones (hormone therapy or puberty)
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome, presence of an extra female sex chromosome
  • Androgen resistance (male hormones exert no effect on the target organs)
  • Gonadal agenesis (undeveloped testes, disruption of embryonic development)
  • Decreased production of male sex hormones (gonadal hypofunction or senile gynecomastia)
  • Thyroid disease, liver cirrhosis, dialysis for kidney failure
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Dietary intake of hormones (hormone-treated meat)
  •  Very rarely: Hyperprolactinemia (tumor in the pituitary gland resulting in prolactin overproduction. Prolactin stimulates the production of female hormones.)
  • Very rarely, gynecomastia may be indicative of breast cancer

How does chest muscle optimization work?

In pseudogynecomastia as caused by obesity, theoretically no intervention is required. Nevertheless, the psychological stress resulting from this condition may justify chest muscle optimization. True gynecomastia in principle requires no surgical treatment either, as it is often a treatable hormonal disorder. For example, if it is caused by drugs, these can be discontinued; or if necessary, deficiency of male hormones may be compensated by administering androgens. Hyperprolactinemia can be treated with dopamine antagonists, which counteract prolactin, and tumors can be removed surgically.

If despite such treatments there should not be any improvement, then chest muscle optimization is the treatment of choice.

Through a thin incision around the nipple, the breast is brought back into shape. After removal of the unwanted breast fat and glandular tissue, the excess skin is reduced, mostly using the purse-string method, to leave only a rather inconspicuous scar on the nipple. The method is suitable for both younger and older men.

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