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Unwanted hairiness wherever it may be can be a thing for the past. Smooth, sleek and first of all durable hairless skin must not longer be only a dream. Modern laser hair removal technique makes us help women and men forgetting the days of shaving and waxing.

In an initial consultation our trained and certified aestheticians will examine your skin and give you all necessary information concerning laser removal treatments. As with any procedures there are some steps you can take before and after treatment for ensuring effectiveness and minimize potential complications. E. g. avoid tanning or especially sun-burning before laser removal procedure as well as following one. Ensure that the area to be treated is shaved and avoid using body lotion or other products, e. g. perfume etc.

proaesthetic performs hair removal surgeries with the laser LIGHTSHEER which creates intense laser pulses that reach down in the hair follicles. The advantage of this technique is that nearly every type of skin and hair can be treated. The lasers energy heats the hair right down to the root and destroys it by being gentle to your skin. Following laser hair removal treatment your skin will be reddened for a short time and we recommend using a protective and nursing body lotion.

Further removal systems we use are: alexandrite laser (Epitouch 5100) and IPL-System (Ellipse, Palomar)

We set great value on using the latest hair removal technologies ensuring our clients' safety and satisfaction. If you practise good skin care and avoid excessive and unprotected exposure to direct sunlight your skin will recover fast.

If you want to benefit from our experience concerning hair removal treatment contact us. Here you can find further information about cosmetic and plastic surgery.

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