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Hair transplantation surgery – before, after

Here, we present you exemplary images before a hair transplantation surgery and images, which show possible operation results:

We would be glad to show you “before and after” pictures of the initial situation and the corresponding results of hair transplantation surgery in direct comparison, but § 11 I 3 of the German Medical Products Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz, HWG) prohibits showing “before and after” pictures in relation to cosmetic surgery.

Why are “before and after” pictures of hair transplantations not allowed?

The prohibition of “before and after” images is intended to protect the patient against manipulated and promotional pictures. Otherwise it would give the impression that the ideal state as shown on the photo is easily achievable for all patients.

In reality, however, each patient has individual requirements, which lead to different possibilities and results of a hair transplantation. You can see that nothing is as important as the discussion with a specialist.

Arrange your personal appointment now. We are looking forward to seeing you.


After hair transplantation, we compare the outcome with your wishes. We will arrange further meetings with you, for corrections or improvements, if anything should not be perfect yet.

Case studies - what our patients say after hair transplantation:

“One year and three months have passed since….

…I have undergone hair transplantation by you. I’m very happy with it and have not regretted it one second. With the growing hair my lost self-confidence has also returned. Thank you!” - I.M.

“Dear Dr. Pees, dear proaesthetic team,

now my hair transplantation is almost three years ago. And I have to say the result is fantastic. My hair looks perfect; it is completely natural and can be treated just like the non-transplanted hair. And it does not attract attention that the hair actually belongs somewhere else.
I told it just a few people and everyone was surprised. No one thought that I had my hair grafted. Even my coiffeur said that you cannot notice any difference form the ‘old’ hair.” – C.M.

"Dear Mr. Uebing ...

... again I want to thank you that you have advised me objectively and fairly before my decision in favour of a hair transplantation, two years ago. After all, for at least 20 years with artificial hair the fear has been my constant companion that one day I would have to ‘come out’ unintentionally. Your medical team, managed by Dr. Pees, has kept what you promised: ‘Natural, age-commensurate hair’ – this was also the unanimous judgment of my relatives. And I would like to add, a new awareness of life, which is very pleasant.” - Joachim P.

"Dear Dr. Pees, dear proaesthetic team,

I want to say thank you very much for my new hair. Finally, I must no longer perform tricks in the morning in front of the mirror to hide my ‘dynamically receding hairline’. I can form my hairdo as I like to do. In the course of my daily work I have also noticed that my clients, when greeting, do no longer look first on my head as before, but straight into my face instead. I am glad that I have taken this step and say ‘thank you very much’ for your support and service.” - Olaf C.

Yes, please inform me.

Our firm commitment to you: Your data will not be divulged to any third party.

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