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Possible complications of hair transplantation

Good preparation, a detailed discussion and a highly qualified team ensure that complications are rare. Nevertheless, unfavourable circumstances may lead to undesirable consequences.

  • Slight bleeding during surgery is normal and can be easily treated.
  • Occasionally headaches, soreness or swelling may result from surgery, but these effects quickly decrease. In any case, we will adequately supply you with painkillers.
  •  In the donor area as well as in the implant area, sensation disorders may occur due to the stimulation of sensory nerves; within a few weeks, however, they will subside.

Very rare complications of hair transplantation:

  • Very rarely there occur wound healing disorders of the scar in the area which the donor hair was taken from.
  • In rare cases, infections can prevent the grafts from growing.

Competent specialists for hair transplantation:

At proaesthetic you will find exclusively specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Continuous training and years of experience ensure optimal treatment and minimal complications.

Hair transplantation complications at a glance:

  • Slight bleeding during surgery
  • Headache
  • Wound pain
  •  Swelling  
  • Numbness
  • Healing disorders
  • Rejection


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