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Implant replacement for a beautiful chest

Implantatwechsel BrustvergrößerungBreast implants of the new generation no longer need to be replaced. If your breasts are still beautiful and soft even after 10–15 years and you have no complaints, there is no reason to replace the implant. This requires high-quality breast implants by a renowned manufacturer.

Implant replacement by plastic surgeons

The specialists at our clinic use only certified breast implants by leading implant manufacturers, for which you will receive a lifetime warranty on an intact shell membrane of the implant. Nevertheless, we recommend regular, annual inspection to our patients after breast surgery.

Reasons for implant replacement

There can be a wide variety of reasons for implant replacement. An implant should be replaced, for example, in case of capsule hardening, which is observed mainly in very old implants.

Implants as used today are extremely long-lived. Nevertheless, in some cases replacement or even complete removal of the breast implant may be expedient. Especially if your implants have an asymmetry, if an implant has shifted, if you feel pain in your chest or if the implant is defective.

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