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Lip correction for lip augmentation

Lippenvergrößerung / Lippen aufspritzen

Lip Augmentation

Many women desire fuller lips and in all times an aesthetic mouth epitomise to be amorous. Lip augmentation surgery is a procedure performed to enhance lips by using synthetic or natural filler materials.

Lip augmentation is suitable for people with small lips, asymmetry reconstructive needs, wrinkles etc. It can be performed to optimise the upper and lower lip.

Augmentation can be achieved by different procedures, some are better than others. In an initial consultation surgeon discuss with you your desires and following an examination advise you concerning the procedure that suits you best.

There are different filler materials available some are natural and therefore absorbable like collagen, hyaluron or fat grafts. Other materials achieve durable results like Goretex® Soft Form® or Acetoll®. These implants are well tested but possible risks can't be excluded completely.

Procedure is not at all complex and takes about twenty to forty .minutes. You're injected with local shots of lidocaine for pain relief and you will get a local anaesthesia as well. Following the surgeon inserts the implant or natural filler cuts and trim it to achieve the most optimal and natural result. The incisions are then sutured with thin solvable or non-solvable material.

To support healing process follow your surgeons advises. Don't touch lips and don't pick at the incisions. Avoid sun-bathes as well as coldness. You must have patience and discipline for getting a positive outcome.

If you want to benefit from our experience concerning lip augmentation procedures contact us.

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