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Preparation and Aftercare of patients

Preparation for liposuction

You do not require any special physical preparations for liposuction, but we advise you to discontinue alcohol, cigarettes and blood-thinning medications a few weeks before your surgery.

You do not have to plan a diet, but neither should you consume too many extra calories, just "because the fat cells are going to be extracted soon anyway." Moderate strength training and skin care are recommended.

Preparation immediately before the liposuction

On the day of your liposuction you may be a little nervous, that's normal. Our clinic personnel will extend a friendly welcome to you and will help you to calm down.

While you are standing, your surgeon will mark the areas which have to be treated. This allows him to see exactly where the fat has to be extracted - even if your body has a different shape in the horizontal position.Aftercare


Depending on whether you had a general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic, how extensive the treated area was and whether you need to wear drainage, you should expect to stay one or two nights in our clinic proaesthetic.

In the first days after your liposuction surgery you will have to wear a bandage; for the next six weeks compressive bandages or trousers will avoid swelling and keep your body in shape. In the first few days after the liposuction you may get the impression that you are even more corpulent than before; but soon you will notice that your shape is considerably slimmer. After four to six weeks you will see the final result.

Depending on the complexity of your surgery and your profession you will be able to go back to work after three days. After about six weeks you can start sporting again.

In order to promote the healing process and to prevent complications such as thrombosis, you should take much but gentle exercise, e.g. regularly go for a walk.


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