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Microhair Pigmenting Heidelberg

Micro Hair / Hair Pigmenting

Micro Haar / KopfhautpigmentierungScalp pigmenting in the event of bald heads and hair loss

A bald or thin haired head has a harsh effect on our self-esteem. Not least because we are very well aware that we seem to be quite a few years older than we actually are – and that hurts our feelings. Often we feel like people are looking at us making us feel uncomfortable. Especially women suffer from a translucent scalp.

Hair pigmenting has been developed mostly for men and women with advanced hair loss or with very thin hair in whose cases a hair transplant is not feasible or not wanted.

Reasons for hair pigmenting carried out at Heidelberg

The method is suitable for you when you’re suffering from bald regions on your scalp and when you are looking for a method to densify your hair without undergoing surgery which offers you immediate successes and results. Along with scalp pigmenting we offer the possibility to transplant your own hair. Often both methods are applied because they complement each other and therefore lead to even better results.

During this innovative and yet fully mature method fine spots or hair are being pigmented into the scalp, depending on what result you desire. In doing so the mostly pale scalp is being covered by the color of your hair and thus your hair seems to be a lot denser optically.

Often scalp pigmenting is also applied to optically „add hair“ to fully or partially bald heads. Here often short hair is being tattooed into the direction of growth which creates and simulates the effect of stubble growth.

Certified beauticians for your hair pigmenting

At the Heidelberg clinic proaesthetic you are solely treated by qualified and certified beauticians. Of course our beauticians participate regularly in all relevant training courses and conferences on this behalf.

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