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Preparation and Aftercare

Preparation for rhinoplasty

Extensive preparation and aftercare of your rhinoplasty are a matter of course at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic. A thorough medical history prior to surgery serves to avoid or minimize potential risks.

Your nose is examined in detail prior to the surgery, and the desired intervention is planned individually. Using computer-based simulation, we can visualize the treatment outcome for you.

Do you have any questions, fears or concerns? Talk to us.

Aftercare for rhinoplastic surgery

After the suergery, your new nose must be protected with a splint. Possibly a tamponade may also have to be placed inside the nose, too. Be careful and protect your still-unstable nose well against external influences such as shocks.

Swelling and bruising take time to abate. Careful cooling and a slightly elevated sleeping position may be helpful. After one to two weeks, the nose plaster is removed. For a few months, keep protecting your nose from direct sunlight. Wearing glasses may still be painful.

Take time for your recovery, it is worthwhile.

Competent specialists for rhinoplasty

Our professional team of specialists is available to you for any questions before and after your nose correction. Get expert advice on how to best plan your surgery and what to pay attention to in the aftermath. Rely on our years of experience and continuously ongoing training.

Sports after rhinoplastic surgery

After about three weeks, you can return to light sports. When you will be fully fit again, is an individual matter and depends on the extent of your surgery. Listen to your body: Pain during exercise is a sure sign of too high a burden.

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