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Why «before/after» pictures for rhinoplasty are not allowed

You want to get informed about the results of rhinoplasty using case studies and «before and after» pictures? An understandable desire, but unfortunately at this point pursuant to § 11 I 3 of the German Advertising of Medicines Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz) we may not show you «before and after» pictures.

Competent specialists for rhinoplasty

You are unique – and so is your nose. No «before-and-after» photo will therefore reflect accurately your current situation and your surgical outcome. In a consultation, our specialists will be able to show you, with their expertise and many years of experience, which outcome is possible in your case, e.g. with the help of the computer-aided simulation.

Case studies in rhinoplasty

Here you find some patients’ opinions after rhinoplasty at the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic:

«Today I am writing to you as a happy and self-confident man.

The nose job 9 months ago has changed my life. In my work and private life a lot has changed since then. I found a nice partner and have also become much more successful in my field service work, since I can face my clients with much more self-confidence now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the excellent care which I have received from you.» – J.H.

«Dear Dr. Iniguez:

You will remember how skeptical I was when my daughter was talking about her desire to have surgery on her nose. The idea that my daughter would voluntarily "go under the knife" was terrible to me. But I could also see how sad and insecure my daughter was towards other people. The competent consultation, the sympathetic doctors and the entire clinic have then convinced me. 
Now, four months after her surgery, I have a happy daughter. M. enjoys much more attending her training institution and meeting people. She is so happy and outgoing, wearing a new, attractive hairdo and no longer tries to hide her face under her hair. We both have not regretted the decision for surgery for a second. 
For that, and for taking good care of her before, during and after the surgery, I wanted to thank you.» – J.S.

«… In March, I was finally able to have my nose operated.

It took a while, but now all swelling and discoloration has disappeared. Every morning I admire my new nose in the mirror and simply cannot believe that my male hook nose has turned into something so beautiful. It was worth it. Finally, I can face other people without feeling that they just stare at my nose. Now I pass through life with much more self-confidence and "with my nose held up high".» – A.C.

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