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Nose Correction:

Very rare complications in rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be described, in good conscience, as a low-risk procedure. Complications are rare.

Swelling and bruising are normal sequelae of surgery. They disappear by themselves after some time. On the sensitive mucous membranes inside the nose, too, there may occur slight bleeding which can be treated with tamponades. Occasionally, temporary olfactory disturbances and numbness may occur, which fade away with the healing process progressing.

In exceptional cases, scars may grow excessively under certain circumstances. Problems of wound healing, e.g. caused by inflammation or infection, occur only very rarely. As in rhinoplasty, almost exclusively cartilage from your own body is used as a grafting material, rejection is a rare event. In very rare cases the implants may shift.

Competent specialists for rhinoplasty

Many years of experience and continuously ongoing training of our surgeons ensure competent medical advice, even if any unexpected complications should arise.

If keloids, wound healing disturbances or an unfavorable course of the healing should affect the outcome of your surgery, a highly qualified team of doctors will be at your side. In rare cases, corrective surgery may be necessary, which will allow the desired result to be achieved in spite of the complications.

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