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Thermage – Facelift

Gentle lifting

The Thermalift treatment is performed with the ThermaCool system. This system sends radio frequency energy up to 5mm into the skin layers and the underlying tissue.

With the highly developed treatment unit the doctor leads the high frequency energy into the area to be treated, safely and precisely controlled. An even heat, which is calculated exactly to suffice for the tissue volume, is created. Collagen, the building block of your skin structure, immediately tightens and thickens trough the heat.

a. This effect causes an immediate tightening of your skin and facial contours.

b. Over time, new, healthier collagen is created. The tissue is further tightened, the skin becomes even "younger", tighter, simply more beautiful.

The combination of the treatment tip with a patented cooling-module is unique. This module releases a precisely dosed cooling spray onto the back surface of the electrode membrane during the whole treatment.

This way the heat is led only into the deep skin while the surface skin stays protected.

Treatment areas:

  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Neck

The Thermalift treatment is good for

  • tightening the eye area
  • smoothing the fold between nose and chin
  • chin reduction and chin line correction
  • tightening and reduction of skin and tissue areas on the neck
  • reduction of acne scars
  • reduction of acute acne

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