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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation for thick hair


Hair transplantation with your own hair

You suffer from hair loss, baldness, bald spots or thin hair? For many people, full, thick hair is an integral part of a positive and self-confident aura. If you suffer from hair loss (alopecia), hair transplantation may help you to regain a positive attitude to life.

Today hair transplantation is always performed with own hair. This method is very successful; the hair is transplanted with its root and thus all the genetic information contained therein to the new area, where the transplanted hair will continue to grow.

Hair transplantation done by plastic surgeons

Modern methods have one thing in common: hair roots from still thickly grown areas are transplanted into bare areas.

At the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic we use three different methods:

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) 
  • STRIP-Technik (strip surgery) 
  • FUE-Methode (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Feel free to learn about the details of the individual methods of hair transplantation: In a personal consultation we will choose the best procedure for you.

Reasons for hair transplantation

Some men feel comfortable with a receding hairline, a high forehead or a bare back of the head. Actually it is question of personal type whether a bald head matches the overall appearance or not. Look at Kojak – what would he look like with thick hair?

For women, hair loss is significantly more stressful. A woman with a bald head or severely thin hair, where the scalp shows, often catches attention. This causes an unpleasant feeling that can cause insecurity – even more so as female hair is considered one of the most important elements of beauty.

No matter what gender: If hair loss affects your attitude to life or self-consciousness, that is reason enough to consider hair transplantation. We will be pleased to advise you in a personal consultation and perform a free hair analysis for you.

Competent specialists for hair transplantation

At the Heidelberger clinic proaesthetic, there are only experienced specialists for surgery and plastic surgery.

Continuous education, years of experience, over thousand operations per year and high personal commitment guarantee successful cosmetic surgery with a high aesthetic and naturalness.

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